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EDCs and Bioaccumulation

Many people are unaware that they carry a body burden of synthetic chemicals. Chemicals that the body cannot break down are stored in the fat cells, creating a constant workload for the body’s natural detoxification system as it tries to remove them. The presence of synthetic chemicals in the body’s fat cells slows down the natural detoxification process down, and over time this can lead to the body carrying a toxic load, or body burden.

Chemicals vary widely in the timescales it takes for their potency reduce, this is known as chemical half-life. Substances such as alcohol break down relatively quickly which is dispelled from the bloodstream within 12 hours, but synthetic chemicals take much longer, up to many years in some instances.

Over time, and with repeated exposure to chemicals, the effect of multiple chemicals entering the body can lead to a bioaccumulation of chemicals that can become toxic to our health, contributing to feeling unwell, and a wide range of illnesses and diseases.

It’s very difficult to detect the presence of toxic chemicals in the human body, it needs specialist testing and expert scientific analysis to identify them.

A European study of chemical body burden

In 2005 the World Wildlife Fund (WFF) led a campaign called DetoX to drive public awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals and to influence decision makers about the proven negative effects of some chemicals on human health.

The WWF carried out blood tests and biomonitoring of more than 350 people across Europe, including European politicians and journalists, and in a study known as “Generations X” three generations of families were tested across Europe to detect chemicals in their blood. In all cases they found that blood samples were contaminated chemicals with as yet, unknown health effects.

Tests for synthetic chemicals in the body

At we are developing new tests and services to enable anyone worried about their body burden to carry out non-invasive tests to discover discover if any toxic chemicals are present in their body. The results of the tests will be designed to help you make more informed choices about the products you use as part of your lifestyle and help you to improve your health outcomes.

Read more about the WWF DetoX campaign.

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