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Reduce your exposure to air pollution

  • Walk and cycle using back streets when you can and travel to work earlier to avoid peak travel times when air pollution is likely to be higher
  • When air pollution levels are high, reduce or avoid strenuous outdoor exercise and move inside, especially if you have a lung disease
  • If you operate a wood burner stove make sure it complies with the latest guidance and burn dried wood
  • Open windows regularly to improve indoor air quality, especially when using cleaning products
  • Reduce burning of candles, especially those with artificial scents
  • Check DEFRA’s air pollution forecast learn more

Take actions to improve air quality –

  • Update your heating controls to SMART to improve energy efficiency
  • Install a SMART meter for your electricity to understand your readings and where you can make savings
  • Insulate your home further to reduce heating requirements, windows, doors, walls, lofts etc.
  • Eat less red meat to contribute to reductions in methane emissions created by livestock
  • Choose foods shipped by sea not air, e.g. bananas. Buy fruit and vegetables when they are in season and switch some items to organic
  • When you switch car, choose one with lower emissions or electrically powered. Fly and drive less
  • Water trees in your local area to promote better growth. Plant green walls and trees – the Woodland Trust offer free trees Read more

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