Switching to organic food will immediately reduce your exposure to hundreds of toxicants found in most conventional food crops.
Switching to organic food will immediately reduce your exposure to hundreds of toxicants found in most conventional food crops.

How do I get started on reducing my body burden?

Eat more organic food

Ideally from local, known suppliers. Most conventional food crops are exposed to large doses of pesticides and herbicides, and by switching to organic you will immediately reduce your exposure to hundreds of these toxicants.

Filter your water

Install a high quality home water filtration system, or filter your water with a trusted brand jug product. This will reduce the amount of water that has common toxins, including pesticides. Filtering these out should reduce your toxins levels, and it’s quick and easy to action.

Start reading labels

The next step to avoiding future exposures is to consider changing the products you use on a day to day basis, especially beauty and cleaning products. Make a new habit of checking your product labels on shampoo, soaps, lotions, and other beauty products to make sure they are free of phthalates.

There are plenty of commercially available beauty and cleaning products made from less toxic chemicals to choose from. You could also consider making your own using natural ingredients
at home.

Drink, cook, and eat using less plastic

Replace your plastic containers for heating food and drinking to glass or metal. When you microwave food, remove it from the plastic or styrofoam container, and place it into a glass alternative. Use a metal container for convection heating in an oven.

Avoid drinking hot beverages from plastic or styrofoam cups.

Sweat it out

To eliminate toxins from the body, we highly recommend exercise and the use of saunas to increase the circulation in your body’s blood vessels, to trigger the body to release many of the chemicals stored in body fat.

If your gym has a sauna, add another ten minutes to your visit, because sauna as a therapy can rid many chemicals through the heat induced sweat it creates. If you can access one, choose an infrared sauna which is superior to conventional sauna because it reaches even deeper into the body.

Do some homework on supplements

You may have deficiencies in key vitamins and minerals, but there are there are two supplements that are particularly useful in helping the body detoxify.

Glutathione is one of the most common molecules used by the body to eliminate toxic chemicals, so if you are constantly exposed to toxicants your stores of glutathione could be depleted.

Vitamin B3 niacin, but before making any decisions about which supplements to take, consult with a dietary or health advisor.