Lasting Heath Hub

The outbreak of the coronavirus, COVID-19 has changed our lives irrevocably. We are living with unprecedented levels of uncertainty and many of us are fearful and anxious about our health. shares your concerns.

Our daily routines and habits have been forced to change and our focus on staying healthy has never felt more important.

At lastinghealth we’re adapting and expanding our usual range of health information beyond the realms of air pollution and harmful chemicals in our everyday environments.

We still believe exposure to these things are a huge risk to human health, but right now, we have an additional battle to fight, COVID-19.

In our health hub we’ll be sharing information about the immune system, how our bodies fight infection, and some of the small things we can do to help maintain a healthy balance, body and mind.

We hope this will inform our readers and help to keep positive at this difficult time.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Steve de Looze
Managing Director